Posted Jul 19th, 2017


After more than a year in business, we have finally launched our website. Regardless of how well connected and respected one might be, it seems you don’t exist until you have a site – it’s your brochure, your calling card. Today, we are now legitimate according to Google.

Our business until now has thrived on referrals and our reputations based on more than 35 years in the industry. In that time, Brian Jacobs and I worked for top pharmaceutical firms where we amassed a wealth of knowledge, expertise and connected with a vast network of decision-makers in the industry.

More than a year ago, we decided to take our experience to help pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies starting up, looking to grow or trying to launch a new product or device.

Despite our success through our personal connections, we recognize that an online presence is still needed for validation to those outside our personal sphere. The site highlights our expertise and capabilities, but our business will still be driven through the personal touch that we provide our clients.

In addition to our new website, we would also like to announce that our team is growing as we add professionals with complementary skills to broaden our offerings and our capabilities, meaning we will deliver more powerful sales and marketing solutions for our clients.

The healthcare field is a highly competitive marketplace and the more creative and innovative solutions we can provide benefits our clients by establishing them as leaders in their arena.

Brian and I bring many years of experience in product launch, business development, a wealth of knowledge regarding regulatory compliance issues across the country and a vast network of medical professionals who are key in our ability to effectively getting health/pharma/medical products and devices to market.

Joining our team are Eric Pezik and Steve McNeill, who began in traditional marketing and while their capabilities means 3 West can offer website development, sales collateral and direct mail, their focus on leading-edge digital strategies is bringing our marketing solutions into the 21st Century. Their digital approach captures consumers’ attention as they are searching online, nurtures those leads, increases conversion and builds a customer list for our clients, allowing them to retarget and remarket.

We have a network of talented professionals who can be called upon as needed. The bottom line is that through our affiliations, we can assemble a team that is able to tackle any challenge and provide cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals.

I invite you to call for a free consultation to discuss your business and your goals, and to explore how we can help you grow.

By Peter Marshall

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